Are You Ready To Heal Your Relationship with Food, Build A Healthy Body Image, and Rediscover Joyful Eating

So You Can Finally Lose Weight For the Last Time?


Walk away knowing EXACTLY what dieting rules are undermining your efforts, how to let them go, & what to focus on so lasting weight loss can be easy and inevitable.

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The Essential Step For Lasting Weight Loss, Healing Your Relationship With Food, and Rediscovering Joyful Eating!

In this 3-hour workshop, I'll show you how to:
  • IDENTIFY THE DIET RULES that trigger feelings of deprivation and make cravings almost unbearable
  • UNCOVER THE EATING RULES which continuously hijack and override your body's inner wisdom
  • LET GO OF THE DIET CULTURE MENTALITY which makes feeling good about your body - regardless of the shape and size - nearly impossible.
  • TAP INTO YOUR 8th SENSE, the key to lasting weight loss, and the real reason why you can't lose weight for the last time until you release the dieting rules.
  • BONUS: 5 LASER COACHING SPOTS. Your chance to walk away from the workshop having released energy previously tied up by the mental weight - the frustration, shame and guilt - of diet culture mentality, and move forward from a place of self-love and gratitude, and finally lose weight for the last time.

Mark Your Calendar!  Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 5pm PDT

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Here Are What Some of Our Clients Are Saying


"Amy and her team changed my life four years ago!!

For 55 years, I hated exercise. Then I found Amy, and between the small group training sessions and fitness classes, I love the feeling of moving my body and have been a regular for the past 4-1/2 years and counting.

With exercise and eating healthier, I feel stronger and have much more energy. Here I am in Paris where I was walking about 8 miles everyday while on vacation. I wouldn’t have that kind of energy if I wasn’t fit."

– Rose Vogt

Looking back, I was at a point where I was ALMOST going to give up.

I had tried so many different things when I finally decided to give this program a try.

I'm so glad I did. I've developed a sense of self-care which has impacted ALL parts of my life in amazing ways. My marriage… career… everything.

– Kelley Mottola

I feel empowered.

I've struggled with cravings a lot. Yesterday, someone brought in chocolate cookies, which are my favorite. And I ate half a cookie and threw the other half away. Not because it didn't taste good but I'd had enough.

That's never happened before.

– Kayla Gaffo

Hi, I'm Amy Lang, founder and chief motivating officer of Moxie Club.

I love working with women and showing them how to make lasting weight loss easy and inevitable. More importantly, how to create deep health.

Over the past 17 years, my team and I have worked with thousands of clients. And as a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Sleep Coach, I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to motivation and creating healthy self-care habits.

I'd love to help you finally achieve the results you've always wanted so you can live the life you want.

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See you on Thursday, August 25th at 5pm PDT!