Walk away from this training knowing
how to recognize it, why it happens, and EXACTLY what to do
to stay motivated and on track...


You already know that to lose weight for good, it's really not about dieting.  It's about creating a healthy lifestyle – eating well, lowering stress and exercising regularly – and chances are that's exactly what you want to do, right?

You want to feel better and have more energy.  You want to sleep better.  You want to feel calm and in control.  You want to be fit, strong, confident and able to ROCK any outfit in your closet.

But the biggest HURDLE I see with women who are struggling that keeps them on the weight loss roller coaster is that nagging question:

"I know what I'm supposed to do, so WHY don't I do it?"

And if you're on this website page, then I'm pretty sure you're asking that same question, right? 

  • How do I stop emotional eating? 
  • Will ever be able to control the cravings?
  • Will I have to track points for the rest of my life?
  • Do I have to give up comfort food?
  • Who has time for exercise?
  • Why can't I stay on track?  

And these very thoughts keep so many of us on the struggle bus.

The focus on avoiding certain foods, saving points, portion control and other forms of restriction, thinking that it's about having enough willpower and white-knuckling it to reach goal weight, which can't come soon enough.

With each passing year, the search continues for the best diet or weight loss program or fitness challenge to lose weight and fast.

And with each experience – the success of losing the weight and the failure of gaining the weight back – losing weight becomes harder and harder.

And every single person who gets stuck in this cycle  and stays stuck here – is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes that's guaranteed to keep them from taking consistent action that creates confidence and results, and gives them the life they want.

And the worst part? 

They don't even REALIZE they're making a mistake that's probably cost them thousands of dollars, countless months if not years of wasted time, and an immeasurable emotional toll (and maybe you didn't realize it either... until now).

This is a mistake I want to help you fix.

The Truth Is...

If you don't stop self-sabotaging, you won't be taking action with any consistency.  And you'll most likely wind up further away from your weight loss goals.

Show me JUST ONE fit, strong, confident person you look up to that isn't known for their habits like working out and eating well.

You can't!

That's because they know what you may not have realized until just now.

When people are able to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit, they rely on nourishing self-care habits, not diets and willpower.

And that's because the brain, in an effort to conserve energy, limits the number of conscious decisions it needs to make by automating as much as possible with habits.

And it prefers safety and certainty of the known over the discomfort and uncertainty that comes with change, especially when states of deprivation are triggered.

If you've already felt the desire to walk away from diets and weight loss programs that don't work and focus on creating healthy habits, then you already have what it takes within you to make that happen. 

In this MasterClass, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to do that - and it starts with recognizing self-sabotage and knowing what to do so you'll stay motivated and take actions that move you closer to your goals.

And to make this the biggest no-brainer deal ever, I'm going to put all the risk of your investment on me.

When you join us for our
$99 Masterclass

(Normally $297, now $99 until December 31st)

I guarantee you'll walk away by the end of this knowing what steps to take to stop self-sabotage...

In other words, if you don't know EXACTLY what is causing you not to take action and how to overcome it, all you need to do is email my customer team and I will happily refund 100% of your funds – no questions asked.  Plus you get to keep all the recordings and pdfs!


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Average Lesson Time: 14 minutes

To start, let's make sure we're using the same operational definition.  

Self-sabotage is happening… when your behaviors undermine your stated long-term goals.

The beliefs and values formed during our childhood, as a reflection of our culture and through our use of diet rules, are generally accepted "truths" we live by.

We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, of which we're only aware of about 5%. Our subconscious thoughts drive most of our behaviors.

Our brain has four priorities, and our habits whether created by design or default are based on priorities.  In creating habits by design, we must take these into account in order for the new habits to stick.

We'll be taking a look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and map the levels to our brain's priorities to understand what happens, and what we can do to make change easier.

Amy explains how to use this simple five-step process or TLC Method to reframe our interpretations to align our thoughts with our actions in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

We'll be practicing some TLC to help you overcome emotional eating and beat the cravings.

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Here's what some of my clients are saying.


In addition to sleep, I struggled a lot with cravings.

Yesterday, I ate half a cookie and I threw the other half away.  I was like... I've had enough, and I'm going to give myself permission to throw this half away because I actually don't want to eat it.

That's never happened before.

– Kayla Gaffo, Nurse


"Amy gets to the question behind the question."

–  Audrey Wyman, Director of Client Experience

BONUS:  Work 1-on-1 with Amy Lang

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to motivation and creating healthy habits.

And since applying the lessons is key to your success, we're including one 60-minute private coaching session with me for each and every person that signs for the Masterclass this month.

I want to make sure we identify any blindspots you may have or self-limiting beliefs which have been holding you back and answer any questions that come up,  This is about you feeling empowered with the freedom to choose and doing what moves you closer to your fitness and wellness goals.

Over the past 16 years, my team and I've helped thousands of clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals, and now it's your turn!

My Masters Program members pay anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to work with me in a close intimate setting.

My courses and programs cost hundreds.  I do not usually offer programs this inexpensive.

But over the past few months, I've seen so many people struggling with emotional eating, trying to balance work and family, not to mention the stress of distance learning for their kids and all the uncertainty with this pandemic and the economic upheaval. Instead of losing weight, many are complaining about the Quarantine15!

Which means if you never figure this self-sabotage thing out, you'll never be able to lose the weight and keep it off for good... which means you won't be able to create the self-care habits that make lasting weight loss inevitable.

And the urgency is REAL because obesity and chronic diseases like hypertension and type II diabetes are major risk factors for serious complications with Covid-19.

It's for these reasons that I want to get this training into as many hands as I possibly can so you can feel empowered to make positive choices that serve you and live the life you want.

So tell me... are you in?


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