Go-To Sleep Tips

The next time you have trouble drifting off, try these strategies that our clients swear by.
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TIP #3: Wake up at the same time

TIP #4: Implement a pre-sleep routine

TIP #5: Create a restful sleep environment

TIP #6: Cue your circadian clock

TIP #11: Take a cool or hot shower or bath (depending on which works best)

TIP #12: Listen to calming music

TIP #13: Listen to an audiobook

TIP #14: Turn off all stimulating electronics and screens (e.g., video games, TV, social media, computer work, phones)

TIP #15: Journal (try a “brain dump”, which transfers the day’s worries or concerns on to paper that can be dealt with later) at least 1-2 hours before bedtime

TIP #27:  In general, our body temperature drops when asleep, so having a cool environment is considered sleep-promoting. However, some folks may find warmth more relaxing. Go with what works for you.

TIP #28:  Try a cooling device (like a cooling pad) to maintain a constant temperature if you get too warm.

TIP #29:  Make the environment dimmer before bed

TIP #30:  Use warmer, red to orange-spectrum lights

TIP #42:  Take a HIIT class at lunchtime

TIP #43:  Take a yoga class after work

TIP #44:  Go for an evening stroll after dinner

TIP #45:  For dinner, eat foods that are higher in carbohydrates and protein rather than fat to promote the synthesis of sleep-friendly neurotransmitters, serotonin and melatonin.

TIP #53:  Try meditating in the morning

TIP #54:  Focus on what you can control to trigger the challenge response or eustress

TIP #55:  Listen to relaxing music

TIP #56:  Try biofeedback therapy

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