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In this Workshop



The 10 Essential Steps For Creating Your Action Plan

Hint:  The order of the steps matter.  Avoid the mistakes that so many have made, and you'll have a solid plan you can start using right away that will keep you on track even on busy, stressful days.


The 3 Phases of Habit Forming

By taking these 3 phases into account, we prevent what happens in so many weight loss programs - losing weight, only to gain it back and then some - so we can avoid the demoralizing yo-yo effect and keep the weight off for good.


How To Align Your Thoughts and Actions

Stop self-sabotaging your efforts by employing this process.  Once your thoughts, feeling and actions align, your consistency WILL deliver the results you've always wanted.


The ONE Lesson That Becomes The Game-Changer

If you take only one lesson away from the workshop and apply it to your decision-making process, I promise you'll make better choices when it comes to nutrition, exercise... pretty much all aspects of your life.

"Looking back, I was at a point where I was ALMOST going to give up. I had tried so many different things when I finally decided to give this program a try. I'm so glad I did. I've developed a sense of self-care which has impacted ALL parts of my life in amazing ways. My marriageā€¦ careerā€¦ everything.""

Kelley Mottola

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

- Chinese proverb

I wish I had the benefit of a webinar like this one when I first began my weight loss journey.  I'm sure I would have avoided a lot of frustration and gone in fewer circles.
If you’re willing to invest just 90 minutes to get fully up to speed on the most powerful “what works” habit forming strategies… even if you’ve tried and failed many times before, then I promise to reward your time and energy with only the most effective strategies and tips that will have you starting the year with new-found belief and confidence that 2020 is the year you make it happen.
My goal for you?
After this free webinar, will never again say the words, “I’m struggling to stick to my diet.” 
Join me on Saturday . . .  I’ll help you make this a reality.