What if you get rid of the unwanted pounds you've always wanted to lose... easily and without the struggle... and be at a healthy weight for the rest of your life?



Sound impossible? Maybe that’s because you’ve been relying on willpower to lose the weight.

(here's a little tip… willpower and decision fatigue go hand-in-hand!)

Maybe it’s because every minute of every day feels eaten up by obligations and you can’t see how you can ever find the time to tackle your weight issue.  Maybe the mental and physical exhaustion of being there for your team as a leader and making decisions all day long leaves you with little energy left to care of yourself. 

Or maybe, because you’re a smart capable high achiever in your domain of expertise, you think you should be able to take your intelligence and figure out the weight thing by yourself - after all, it is just your body - but it just isn’t happening.

I get it. The struggle is real! But it doesn't have to be this way.

I’m Amy Lang. Back when I worked in tech, I was in the exact same place as you are now!  I’d gained and lost the same 10-20 lbs at least 10 times since puberty.

I went from college (University of Michigan, B.A. in Psychology) to work at Arthur Andersen and then grad school (Fordham University's Deming Scholars MBA Program) to high tech (Netscape, Oracle, Yahoo!) where I worked for over a decade.

I thought that life would get easier and I would have more control over my time as I moved up the ladder but what I found out was that it actually got crazier!

And as I approached 40, the extra weight was making my clothes really uncomfortable and doing a number on my self-confidence.

I had a ton of reasons (aka excuses) for why I just couldn’t lose weight and keep it off.

In other words, I’ve been where you are now. I spent 10 years in the tech industry, gaining and losing the same pounds, over and over.  It was even worse when I found myself in the wrong job!  Then I gained 15 lbs in just six months.  I understand all the struggles: lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of time, lack of planning, lack of support, lack of easy healthy food options, and lack of exercise. As I approached my 40th birthday, I began to wonder if I just needed to stop trying to lose weight and start working on accepting my body as it was.

I finally decided to hire a personal trainer who specialized in weight loss for women. This proved to be one of the best decisions and investments I’ve ever made in my life!  

I discovered fitness with a wonderful trainer, Asanta Burton.  And I found out what you're supposed to do with a Smith machine. 

Let me tell you... there's nothing like the confidence boost that comes with getting stronger and fitter, and hitting your weight loss goals. 

With this new confidence, I decided it was time to pursue my real passion and purpose.

That's how I became the owner of Pacific Heights Health Club.  And to go along with that title, I also became a Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach so I can better help you achieve your weight and health goals, too.

Welcome to the Moxie Club!

I founded Moxie Club so I can share what I've learned with as many of you wonder women as I can reach - and not be limited by the geography of a brick and mortar business.

After working with hundreds of clients over the past 15+ years, I had the benefit of seeing over and over again, what works as well as what doesn't work, and when it comes to weight loss, I'm here to tell you that having an abundance mindset is key.

This is where my psychology degree really came in handy as I worked with several life coaches and therapists.  This approach to weight loss is different from most of what's available both online and offline.

I learned that the reason willpower doesn’t work is because of the conscious and subconscious thoughts we have about ourselves and our weight are going against what our weight loss goals are.

And inevitably, the brain wins every time!

Now rather than stumbling around, getting frustrated and losing precious time, I want to show you how to create an abundance mindset for yourself so that lasting weight loss is easy. 

I've helped many clients work through the thoughts and feelings that were holding them back from achieving their weight loss goals, and it’s been truly amazing!  

I love coaching women who are ambitious, driven and ready to go after the life they want - and can see that the path forward starts with a positive mindset and self-care.

You are my people!

You’re smart, funny, capable and have a ton of moxie and and you want to bring your A-game so you can make a real impact on the world. You’re a critical thinker who wants to know the why, not just the how. You’ve dedicated your life to making a difference and now it’s time for me to help you learn to care for YOU!

As your healthy weight loss coach, I don’t spend our time together agreeing with you and telling you what to do. Deep down, you know that already! I also do not give you meal plans. What I do is create a safe space for you to unpack all of the baggage that is manifesting itself as extra fat on your body. Then, piece by piece, we work through all of it. Believe it or not, weight loss is pretty much effortless once you’ve worked through all of those thoughts that are holding you back.

That’s why this is amazing work.

It’s tailored to you and your specific life so you get the results you want, so you'll never have to diet again. And I understand better than anyone else what it’s like to be a woman in tech – the endless meetings, the deadlines, the expectations, the travel, surrounded by 20 and 30 something year olds, all of it!

So where do we start?

If you want to bring your A-game and make a real impact in this world AND you’re ready to change your life for the better, click below to learn more about the different ways you can work with me.