Start With Your Why

Jan 26, 2020

As you know, the purpose of setting a goal is to achieve a desired result. Setting and then achieving goals gets you from where you are now to where it is you want to be. But first you have to know where that is. The “where” begins with your vision.

As with any great achievement, the first step is to start with the end in mind and work backward.

In this case, the “where” or result is your highest vision for a specific area of your life. For the purposes of this exercise, let’s focus on your health and fitness and how it relates to the priorities in your life – be it relationships, family, career or finances.

To stay motivated, START each day by revisiting your WHY.  By this I mean your reasons for wanting to lose weight and get fit.

Not sure how to do this, try completing this sentence:  I want to lose weight so that _____________. 

Your reasons need to be compelling ones.

To help you identify these, try the exercise below.


The FIVE WHYS Method

To clarify, the goal here is not the vision. What we are looking for is to think ahead to what that goal will allow you to be, to do, or to have in the long run. To make the most out of your goal-setting process, it’s important to link it up to your highest priorities and the life you ultimately want to be living.

Use the following 5 Whys Method to get clarity on all of your WHYs.  Here's an example.

Desired Outcome: “I want to lose weight.”

1. Why do you want to lose weight?

Because I want to lose my muffin top, have toned arms and maybe build some muscle in my upper body.

2. Why does that matter?

Because when we're on vacation I want to be able to wear a bathing suit by the pool without a cover-up.

3. Why does this matter?

Because then it means I think I look good and feel good about myself.

4. Why is this important to you?

Because when I feel good about myself, I am more assertive and confident.

5. Why is this important?

When I’m more assertive and confident, I’m willing to take risks, ask for what I want and I’m much better about taking action to get what I want out of life.


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Remember that with each new day, we have an opportunity to have new thoughts and take new action.

To start your week, here's another one of my favorite quotes.



Dedicated to helping you live the life you want. ❤️

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