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#190: Part 4 - How To Respond Instead of React

When it comes to processing your emotions, creating calm in your mind and body provides the conditions for clarity.

In this episode, we're talking about the process of exploring your options and choosing how to respond based on your values. In other words, how to make choices that align with...

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#189: Part 3 - Releasing Tension and Stored Energy

How much tension do you feel in your body? And where do you feel it?

When it comes to processing your emotions, aka emotional regulation, we're talking about releasing tension and freeing the energy that is stored in your body and how this affects your mind.

Emotional regulation is a skill you...

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#188: Part 2 - Sitting with Your Emotions

Do you struggle with emotional eating where you find yourself getting really angry or upset, and then after you eat, you feel guilty?

And so really this whole idea about processing your emotions is something that's really important to your overall health.

In the last episode, I talked about...

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#187: Part 1 - Get Better at Feeling

When it comes to difficult situations how do you deal with the emotions that arise from them?

Do you suppress them, as in not allow yourself to feel? Do you avoid them? Perhaps you turn to emotional eating or going for a run?

Or do you actually process them? Do you actually know what that means?...

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