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#76: The Practice of Mindful Movement with AyLin Guvenc

Thinking about trying yoga or Pilates?  Wondering what to look for and what to avoid if you're a beginner?

In today's episode, AyLin Guvenc joins me for an in-depth conversation about what she's learned as a yoga and Pilates instructor through the years and specifically during the Covid-19...

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The Key To Consistency

fitness motivation movement Nov 13, 2020

Wait for it...

May your workouts be as fun!

Listen to my podcast for more motivation and inspiration to make self-care habits stick, like triggering happy hormones (Ep 14)

Many thanks to @kendylmac on TikToc for inspiring this post.

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#32: Structuring Your Day To Create Freedom with Chris Flores

In this episode, Chris Flores, founder of FLO Fitness, joins Amy for a wide ranging discussion about how movement and mindset work together, how structure creates freedom, the importance of riding the Wealth Waves and the legacy he is building for his family.

If you find your motivation for...

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