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#61: When Your Goal Weight Is A Mirage

goals habits mindset Mar 22, 2021

If you believe you'll finally be happy and feel good about yourself when you achieve your goal weight, you're most likely mistaken.

In this episode, Amy discusses how attaching your success and happiness to achieving results and outcomes out of your control sets you up for disappointment and...

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#32: Structuring Your Day To Create Freedom with Chris Flores

In this episode, Chris Flores, founder of FLO Fitness, joins Amy for a wide ranging discussion about how movement and mindset work together, how structure creates freedom, the importance of riding the Wealth Waves and the legacy he is building for his family.

If you find your motivation for...

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#23: Creating Your 90-Day Plan

In this episode, we take a closer look at the differences between goals and intentions, and what it means to focus on the what you can control - your efforts - and to practice detaching from the desired outcomes. 

This episode will provide clarity on why these distinctions matter and how...

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