#208: The Vegan and Omnivore Debate

Jan 08, 2024

We're delving into a hot topic: Vegan vs Omnivore Diets.

If you've ever wondered about the health outcomes, environmental impact, and the nitty-gritty scientific backing of each diet, this is an episode you don't want to miss.

In this deep dive, I review and reflect on the new Netflix docuseries, "You Are What You Eat," about a nutrition study at Stanford University involving 22 sets of identical twins.

The make a fairly compelling case for changing from an omnivore to vegan diet - or at least a more plant-based diet which relies far less on industrialized agriculture.

As always, I invite you to keep an open mind and think critically.

Note: Starting in February 2024, this podcast will be releasing new episodes on Wednesdays.


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