#160: Ozempic - The Latest Weight Loss Drug

Feb 06, 2023

Have you heard of Ozempic or Wegovy? They are the brand names for semaglutide, a drug that is being touted by celebrities for some very dramatic weight loss results.

Now, if you are thinking about using this drug to help you on your weight loss journey, this is a podcast episode you don't want to miss.

I'm going to be unpacking all of it and helping you figure out whether or not this is the best thing for you.

You'll learn:

  • What semaglutide is and who it's for
  • How it works
  • What determines your defended fat mass set point
  • The unwanted side effects and black box warning
  • What you want to do if you decide to stop using it.

And you'll also find out what Dr. Thomas Wadden, one of the authors of a landmark article in the New England Journal of Medicine who was involved in a large clinical trial that led to the drug's FDA approval for weight loss had to say about our "toxic food environment."


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