#201: Navigating Midlife and Menopause with Cam Allen

Nov 20, 2023

Have you found that midlife, with all its many transitions, has actually been creating a whole lot of stress for you, from becoming an empty nester to watching your parents age or perhaps dealing with the death of a parent?

And then, on top of all this, we've got menopause and its effect on everything from our libido and energy levels to our metabolism and sleep.

In this episode, Cam Allen, an expert on functional health and fitness for menopause joins me to share some information and tips you don't want to miss.

We take a deep dive into the importance of maintaining fitness, particularly strength training, during this stage of life.

Cam debunks a few myths about women and weightlifting and gives us the keys to balancing cardio and strength training as we age.

We'll also be discussing hot topics like how stress and cortisol levels can affect your body during menopause and why self-care is so essential, rather than selfish. Join us as we explore this incredibly important aspect of women's health.

In This Episode

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