#202: The Self-Worth and Intuition Connection with Nicole Tsong

Nov 27, 2023

If you're listening to this episode and you've ever had the thought, "when I lose the weight, then I'll be happy, or then I'll be able to feel good about my body or... then I'll be able to feel good about myself?"

You are making a critical mistake that stems from diet culture, and that is - conflating your self-worth with the size and shape of your body.

In today's episode, I've got a special guest joining me to talk about self-worth and what it has to do with tapping into the power of your own intuition, purpose, and joy.

Her name is Nicole Tsong, and among a plethora of other things, she is an award-winning journalist turned podcast host - The School of Self Worth podcast. And she's got a lot of wisdom and insight to share with us today.

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