#37: Ask Empowering Questions

Oct 05, 2020

When we talk about lasting weight loss, let’s be clear. Enduring change doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistent action over time.

To get that consistency, there must be alignment between our thoughts, emotions and actions. And it all starts with our thoughts and, more specifically, our beliefs and interpretations.

And our brains are more powerful than the search engines on the internet. They are also the epitome of confirmation and negativity bias.  So if you ask it a question like, “Why can’t I lose weight?” It’s going to search through all your past experiences to provide an answer. If you say to yourself, “Why don’t I ever have time to exercise?”  Your brain doesn’t question the premise of your question. It just looks for evidence to justify it.

In this episode, I provide an exercise for you to use to deactivate your "Frankenstein" brain, and a set of questions to ask that will create more options and opportunities for you to take action. We can go a lot faster when we don't have one foot on the brake!

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