90-Day Roadmap to Lasting Weight Loss

Jan 13, 2020

Here's the second issue of Moxie Matters, the weekly newsletter for Moxie Club.

This past week, I hosted Your 90-Day Roadmap To Lasting Weight Loss, a free planning workshop (watch the replay) during which I reviewed:

The 10 Essential Steps For Creating Your Action Plan

Hint:  The order of the steps matter.  Avoid the mistakes that so many have made, and you'll have a solid plan you can start using right away that will keep you on track even on busy, stressful days.

  • Step 01: Create Your Vision
  • Step 02: Know Your Why
  • Step 03: Identify The Habits
  • Step 04: Define Your Push Goal
  • Step 05: Create Your 24-Hour Plan
  • Step 06: Study Your 24-Hour Plan
  • Step 07: Celebrate Your Wins
  • Step 08: Anticipate Challenges
  • Step 09: Create Your Plan B
  • Step 10: Implement: Implement Your Changes


The 3 Phases of Habit Forming

From your own personal experience, I'm sure you recognize the three stages of habit forming.  By taking these 3 phases into account, we prevent what happens in so many weight loss programs - losing weight, only to gain it back and then some - so we can avoid the demoralizing yo-yo effect and keep the weight off for good. 

  • Stage 1 – Excited (14-21 days)
  • Stage 2 – Intentional (22-60 days)
  • Stage 3 – Automatic (61-90 days)

Learn about the strategies and tools you'll need to successfully navigate all three stages.

How To Align Your Thoughts and Actions

Stop self-sabotaging your efforts by employing this process.  Once your thoughts, feeling and actions align, your consistency WILL deliver the results you've always wanted.

Be sure to get your copy of the 2020 Planning Guide to create your 90-Day Roadmap for lasting weight loss. 

Let's make 2020 the year that you're going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 😉

To wrap things up, here's another one of my favorite quotes.



Dedicated to helping you live the life you want. ❤️

 - amy

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