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#86: The Domino Effect

When you see dramatic transformations, there's always a before and after, and the contrast provides clarity - something happened to alter the trajectory.

In this episode, I talk about the domino effect - the change to one belief or behavior which creates a cascade or chain reaction, causing a...

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#68: Dealing With Disappointment

Do you look forward to big days like Mother's Day and your birthday - when loved ones let you know how special you are?

Or do you find yourself preparing to be let down?

If you have to brace yourself for disappointment...

How about we try something different so your next "big day" can be a wish...

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#62: Comfort Food and Stress

How Are You Feeling?

So how would you rate your stress level in this past month?

And when you feel upset or worried or anxious, is comfort food one of your “go to” methods for coping with it?

If you find yourself feeling guilty afterwards, let me just say I don’t...

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